Testimonials & Media

kaushalya patil
Absolutely amazing! I am a Chef and wanted to learn pottery since a very long time. Found out about Matrika Pottery Studio and decided to take the beginner's wheel pottery class. When I called to inquire about classes, she explained the different types of classes she takes and took keen interest in why I wanted to pursue pottery. I learnt so much in the 15 classes and will be continuing at Matrika Pottery Studio for intermediate and advance classed as well. Loads to learn, a patient teacher who let's you be creative. A very welcoming environment and a class where you get a lot of knowledge and have loads of fun! Definitely recommend!!
Karen Mistry
Even if you don't want to learn pottery you can always attend the workshop for an experience. A change in the routine is good! Our time with Disha was parfait, she's an amazing teacher, super friendly! Try your hands on something new this weekend! Pottery is therapeutic.
Bhavna Rajgopal
I took the beginner's course in wheel pottery and I had a wonderful experience. Disha is a patient teacher. She provided sufficient one on one training. I would definitely recommend taking classes with her. It's a one hour escape from a mundane routine life. There is also the joy in being able to create things with your hand!
Tarushikha Sharma
Loved the experience, I was able to learn pottery. I made cylinder and found a new passion. Disha is very patient and a very good teacher. Adding a new skill becomes really tough, but I learnt pottery pretty quickly.
Gayatri Dhatrak
Beautiful and Soulful Experience! I wanted to try pottery for a long time but never got a chance. Matrika pottery is an excellent platform to learn all types of pottery. I took the beginner's course in wheel pottery and had an enjoyable experience. The best part is Disha takes individual sessions where a person can understand and learn as per their capacity without hesitating.
Mahika Shergill
The workshop was great—none of us had done pottery before but we were helped through every step and given a lot of guidance. We attempted to make something complicated but the steps were explained to us in a very easy manner and we all had a lot of fun while doing it. I would definitely recommend this pottery studio!
Touching earth and connecting with a fundamental element that nourishes human life has an immensely healing effect and Disha guides you through the process with gentle expertise. Pottery with Disha doesn't just have a wonderfully therapeutic effect but allows one to learn a beautiful skill. I'd highly recommend the beginner's course to anyone who needs relief from the humdrum of their life and especially stressful work environments.
kalyani shah
I had the most amazing experience doing the basics course with Disha, and I'm back for the intermediate course. She's patient and deeply invested in each student's learning. I took a long time to learn and she was great. She customised my sessions per my pace and never let me give up. Pottery is very calming will leave you feeling centered. She also has a very soothing voice, which is always an added advantage!