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Our Story:

Matrika Pottery was founded in 2018 to bring to everyone the elegance and sense of tranquility of pottery. Having worked in the corporate sector for seven years, I started learning pottery as a hobby. I found immense peace and satisfaction in working with my hands, discovering the designs that seemed to lie hidden in the clay, but were really the result of my subconscious imagination taking a physical shape. I loved the experience so much that soon I decided to pursue this creative art full time. That is how मातृका (Matrika) came into being. The name मातृका is a Sanskrit word which means mother goddess, and was very apt for me as pottery was a new start to my life, and connects me to the earth and to clay. I wanted people around me to have this unique experience of working and connecting with the earth.

People visit my pottery studio for various reasons: some come to learn pottery, few others to experience something new. I revel in seeing them experience and enjoy the touch of clay and do their pottery at their own pace… I see to it that they experience peace and calm in my studio, and for the time they spend with the clay they delve deeply into pottery and into themselves.

I personally love terracotta clay because of its dark red raw, but I work extensively with stoneware clay as well. I try to give some degree of raw and imperfect look in my product range. “These variations lend beauty to my handmade articles and I want people to enjoy and experience my creativity & design thinking about the products rather than just buying a cup or bowl.” I take customised orders for corporates and gifting purpose, and like to custom design the products based on the theme or occasion.

All my products are completely handmade by me with no use of moulds etc. I want to promote handmade as it’s a much better and sustainable way of living.

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